Hi All, thank you for visiting my page. I am a current BFA candidate and senior at Parsons the New School in NYC. For my senior thesis i am creating a short documentary film on my father who passed away when i was 2 years old. When he was dying of heart failure he recorded his voice and the messages he wanted me to hear just in case he wasn't alive to tell me. When i turned 18 years old i realized it was time i heard his voice and listened to all the things he wanted to tell me. It was emotional and eye-opening experience; and my love for film and video was born. I created my first documentary two years ago and am now continuing his story as well as mine. I am using super8, 16mm film and video. I am hoping to attend grad school for film in fall 2013 and am working hard to complete this sacred project. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you all. Any one who donates will be featured on the film's website, book and the film credits under "Sponsors."

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