Immigration and the red-green government Norway 2012 forces Norwegians from their beloved spouses and children, but they prioritize family reunions between 100% foreigners who come to work in Norway. Example: Norwegian craftsman starting his own company, uses 1 year to gain profit in that company. The following year he meet his beloved girlfriend and will marry. She is from somewhere outside EU/ Schengen. Due to his entreprenourship the norwegian didnt earn enough money 1 year before he married??? to now be able to stay with his wife in Norway, even though they are legally married in Norway. Foreign skilled worker, from outside Schengen, move to Norway for work, he has no problems with getting his entire family to Norway for family reunification visas via UDI ..... What is it with the Norwegian state? this is called the political priority of foreign workers ... We call it discrimination against its own citizens ..... understand it if you want .... or just use your right to vote 2013!! Down with the Labour party and UDI/UNE!!!