The rebels in Syria who are fighting to overthrow the government are murderous terrorists who are wiping out Syria's Christian population. This has been largely ignored by the western media who portrays Assad's regime as solely responsible for the atrocities being committed.

The terrorist rebels have already expressed their desire to wipe out the Christian population and so far, they're doing with financial support and arms supplied by NATO. Centuries-old churches have been looted and burned. Priceless historic treasures have been lost forever. The Christian population (which has lived at peace with the Muslims) is being driven out. If this continues, it will be a repeat of the ethnic-cleansing that occurred in Iraq following the 2003 invasion.

On October 25, 2012 a Greek Orthodox priest, Father Fadi Jamil Haddad was found shot to death in Qatana. He was captured and murdered while trying to secure the release of a doctor who was also captured by the terrorist rebels and was being held for ransom. The fate of the doctor is not yet known. The terrorists demanded an even higher ransom for the release of the priest, but shot him to death the next day. Father Haddad was well-loved by both Christians and Muslims because of his service to the community and his efforts to sow peace in a country torn by violence. The following day, FSA terrorists bombed the funeral of the slain priest.

It is time for the public to stop being misinformed about the violence in Syria. If the government is overthrown, the situation will become much, much worse, as it has in Libya, Egypt and in other places where Western-backed rebels have succeeded in overthrowing the government.