This year, my awareness of breast cancer changed.

In the process, I learned that in order to truly make an impact on ending breast cancer, we need recognize the complexity of this disease. We need to invest in research that focuses on finding smarter ways to prevent breast cancer, and we need to understand what causes cancer to spread.

I was already very aware of breast cancer before this year. In fact, I was terrified. Now I think about October differently – and my mind is full of questions. Questions like: how can we find smarter ways to prevent YOU from getting breast cancer?

I think it's time to be more aware of funding for science. Breast cancer is complicated….but ending this disease may be within our reach. Here is what you can do:

1. Donate.

2. Sign up for the Health of Women Study (https://healthofwomenstudy.org/)

Share this page with your friends, and ask them to match you.

...And let's make breast cancer history! Find out more: www.bravebosom.com.