C F C "Officially" Ends

GOOD Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen ! :-) Well ... it's over for another year. Our C F C (Combined Federal Campaign) season officially ended with our last "fair" of th' year on Monday; 6 January. Over all, it's not been a bad season at all! :-) We had…Read More

QUESTIONS regarding E-mails ...

We found this on the Network for Good site ... their th' folks who process your donations ... and wanted to pass it along in case there are any concerns. :-) THANKS and you ALL have a GREAT day and a S A F E weekend ! :-) Q U E S T I O N: Spamming from…Read More


Thank you S O M U C H to A L L th' folks whom have been S O kind as to have us out to speak on behalf of our agency and OUR VETERANS ! :-) So far, it's been a SOMEwhat busy but GREAT campaign season ! :-) For those in or around Houston, you may…Read More

28 March 2013 - N E W S ! !

GOOD Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen ... Friends ALL !  :-) Earlier, we discussed the Rotary Club Houston had come in and totally redone our bottom floor.  We have new bedrooms, a new kitchen, a new ..,. A D A ... bathroom AND a FIRE ESCAPE ! !  ;-) The then…Read More

Combined Federal Campaign - 20012

GOOD MORNING, Ladies and Gentlemen! :-) Our C F C (Combined Federal Campaign) began on 20 September and we are SO EXCITED ! ! For those whom are unaware, this is annual event whereby federal employees ... MILITARY INCLUDED ! ... may donate to the select…Read More
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