The day has arrived

Friends and supporters, it is time to announce that which we have longed for for so long. It's like a dream. Etienne and Adolphe have their Permanent Residency!!! I got a call from them this time yesterday to let me know they just found out. Thankyou all so…Read More

Still waiting

Friends, I thankyou for your patience as you continue to pray for and support Etienne and Adolphe still seeking asylum now 8 years later since they arrived on our shores. The guys are travelling well but still disheartened by the lack of communication from…Read More

A story to share

Hi all have you missed me? I have some news and a story for you. Verity and i have been in Europe for a couple of months hence not much communication from me. While we were there we had the opportunity to see if we could find and meet Etienne's elders son,…Read More

Our cause continues

I know it's been a while since I posted an update but that's because the cogs of change move very slowly in this immigration system. Etienne met with his immigration officer and received yet another 3 month temporary bridging depressing. Can…Read More

Time to help Adolphe

Ok the deadline has pssed to write letters for Etienne as he will meet with immigration and hand them over next week. Don't let your support stop here however. Adolphe needs you now! After yet another meeting of the same with immigration this week Adolphe…Read More

Prayer for Etienne

If you've been reading my updates on the cause you'll have already noticed that we reached over 800 letters for Etienne and more than 2000 signatures on petitions. Well done everyone, the letters were personal, passionate and diverse. On August 28th Etienne…Read More

Target nearly reached

Hi everyone, it's been a while since i contacted you. Our tally for letters written for Etienne is now up to 720! Well done people. however I can see that there are at least three quaters of the membership of this cause who have not written a letter so if you…Read More
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