Which Hip Hop icon was a member of the group Leaders of The New School?

Q-Tip (40% people answered this) DMX (20% people answered this) Busta Rhymes (40% people answered this) 5 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: Busta Rhymes ---------- Let's continue to promote positive hip hop and spread truth to Black…Read More

Which group had the underground hit that contained a sample of Eric Clapton's version of Bob Marley'

Gang Starr (0% people answered this) EPMD (100% people answered this) Pete Rock & CL Smooth (0% people answered this) 9 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: EPMD ---------- Let's continue to promote positive hip hop and spread truth…Read More

"Hip-hop is something you live, rap is something you do." KRS-One

Hip Hop is the culture surrounding the music. The media often paints a picture of hip-hop as a homogenous genre full of artists striving for attention and superstardom, but some in hip-hop aren't concerned with the glitz and the glamour. Some actually choose…Read More

No Gimmicks!

Represent real hip hop minus the gimmicks... Check out Miraculous Entertainment today: www.areume.com Are You M.E.?

Hip Hop 4 Health!

4 Healthy Eating Principles: 1) To live without sickness is a very simple thing to do. Stop using the thing that makes us sick. We have been made so greedy it seems almost impossible for us to eat right and live a long life. But, it is easy when you begin…Read More

Real Hip Hop Is Not On The Radio!

Spread the news and Join The Cause! Positive Hip Hop over Negative!

Help Spread The Cause!

Let's come together for the cause of spreading positive hip hop over negative!
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