To make our world a better place through Acts of Kindness.

To #ignitechange in our world is to, through acts of kindness, teach our children that we can make our world a better place! In doing so, we will eliminate bullying by conditioning children's minds towards doing good for each other and our planet.

To #ignitechange in your life could be anything from losing weight, to eating better, to running, to reading more, to volunteering at a food bank or homeless shelter, but no matter what it is, your acts of kindness will #ignitechange in our world and our first goal is to reach 1 million acts of kindness across our beautiful planet called Earth!

We will be launching our website soon to track YOUR progress but join us today! We will also share our journey at


What can you do to help?

We ask that you please email us at [email protected] and order your #ignitechange t-shirts for only $19.95 each.

We also have #ignitechange bracelets available for $5.00 each

Once you receive them, please email us a picture to the same email address and tell us what you are doing to #ignitechange in your life and/or those around you.

We will then (with your permission) add your pic and story to our "world map" section of the site and YOU will be one more "act of kindness" towards 1 million and everyone will get to see what you are doing! We think it is PRETTY COOL!

What are we doing with the money from the shirts?

$5 from each shirt goes to community programs that are all geared towards helping children.

We will also be re-building play grounds, basketball courts, ball diamonds and so much more in the highest needed areas so kids today have an outlet to play and simply be....kids!

In addition to this, with every t-shirt sold, we will plant a tree in your name and you will know exactly where your tree has been planted in our world!

You can become a part of the movement today and join our family!

Please order your shirts and pass it on!!

It is time to #ignitechange

P.S. why #ignitechange with the # symbol? because the # represents trend and we are leading the way!!

Be PROUD to wear your shirt like the thousands who already are!

*by signing this, there is no obligation to purchase a t-shirt. We of course want everyone to proudly wear one to blanket our planet in them however please feel no obligation. If you cannot purchase a t-shirt, and still want to help, please share this with your family, friends, and more.

Thank you
Joe Drexler