أنا الموقع I, the undersigned, do not agree to the draft constitution of Egypt form and substance and this for the following reasons:

1. It does not provide adequate protection for the rights of women and children does not guarantee freedom of religion and does not provide for clear measures against torture.
2. The Formation of the committee does not represent all the people and communities and it lacks the competencies required for the drafting of the constitution.
3. The draft is failing to raise the standard because of legal formulations and broad and vague restrictions that destroy the essence of a lot of freedoms.
4. What is Included in the draft of the freedoms is discriminatory because the draft limit the establishment of places of worship on the followers of the three monotheistic religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
5. The draft does not include curtailing the powers of the President and does not include a clear separation and explicit powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches and there is no text about the transfer of power in the case of the inability of the President to exercise his powers.

It then does not address the problems of the former Constitution and does not guarantee the freedoms and equality between citizens and therefore the Draft Constitution is unacceptable in form and substance.