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Update on December 16, 2012

In light of recent tragedies we are adding an update. We did mention school shootings in the original posting but we would like to add more information.

"in the 1990s alone 12 of 15 school shootings, the shooters were victims of bullying"
75% of all shooting cases were linked back to harassment & bullying
87% of students said revenge is the main motivator
86% said its the bullying that makes them want to turn to lethal violence while at school shooters r twice as likely to have been victims of bullying than the other students.
1 in 20 kids know someone who has brought a gun to school...
85% of bullying cases there was no intervention or effort made by teachers or admin to stop it...
1.7 million children live n a home with a loaded, easily available not locked firearms....
2 in every 5 adults own 1 or more firearms
in 72% of all gun deaths of kids ages 0-19 the firearm came from their home, relative or friend
2/3 of the 41 students involved in 37 school shootings got their gun from home or relative
6% of h.s students have carried a gun n last 30 days
1 MILLION students each year brings a firearm on campus.

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