Please donate any dog provisions to help the Rescue Centres for the Galgos

L'association "Les Amis des Lévriers" organise ce samedi une collecte de nourriture et accessoires pour chiens. Les dons collectés seront remis à Terre des Lévriers puis distribués aux refuges espagnols avec qui nous travaillons au mois de janvier. Merci…Read More

Save a Galgo and gain a loving pet!

Just collected our new Galgo, Delaware, on Sunday and we all collapsed on the sofa that evening after lots of travelling. Delaware has now been saved and, like all Galgos, he just wants love and kindess and can offer so much in return! You could do the same…Read More

An organisation helping the cause of the Galgos

Just more reasons as to why we should raise awareness about the plight of these poor Spanish Galgos. Please take a look at this link to an organisation which is working very hard to rescue just some of the 60,000 Galgos executed each year in…Read More


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