Like many Venezuelans who life in fear of death and many who had died in a violent attack, like my father 6 years ago. I ask you to spread this message because Venezuela is such a beautiful country and its people too.

We need to hold hands and stop the Violence and let the creative bring true power.

The Awareness impact to awaken a nation in our way of thinking in to a new way of action goes far beyond the President of Venezuelas wishes. Chavez now, like Capriles would had wish your support in the same matter, not only to the congress of Venezuela to have more Consciousness of action for the matter. But for all those localities and neighborhood hoods to do something about it.

We dream that the world become One, and change many who are consuming them life interest in to something healing and beautiful to a cause for life it self. The social paralysis that many have circulating in them own life, is only a fact of fear, we must become familiar with the remembrance of not just an adventure in to the unknown to take action but to celebrate the beauties and differences. Celebrating that we can with a Kind Gesture as a drop in the ocean, thank you.