Make the world know that the actions of the Eagles' scumbag QB, are completely wrong, and disgusting. By doing so, we'll be raising awareness for dogfighting, and stopping animal fighting/cruelty.

To quote ESPN, "The charges are serious, and the evidence against Vick presented at trial will be nasty. The government's case includes evidence that Vick and his cohorts "tested" pit bulls for ferocity. If the dogs failed the test, the indictment charges, they were executed by hanging or drowning. In one case, with Vick present, the indictment says a dog was slammed to the ground until it was dead. In another incident, a dog was soaked with a hose and then electrocuted. Those aren't the sort of transgressions that lead to probation and community service. It's the kind of behavior that results in punishment, and the punishment will be jail time."

1. Defend the defenseless animals which Michael Vick has tortured.

2. Send the appropriate message/set an example that his behavior should not be tolerated.

3. Get Michael Vick put back into Prison after he's released.

4. Definitely not allow Vick to play in another N.F.L. game.