To promote awareness about adhesions, an insidious, yet prevalent health condition. Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that cause internal organs to become fused together.

Adhesions develop in 93% of people undergoing major abdominal or pelvic surgery. Adhesions can also form in the body as a result of infection and/or inflammation. Sufferers are often misdiagnosed and "treated" for illnesses they do not have, thus leaving the person to live a life of pain. The #1 cause of adhesions is surgery, yet most doctors are silent about this illness, not informing their patient of the risk of developing adhesions prior to their
surgical procedure. The patient is unaware and is not allowed the chance to weigh the benefit of surgery against the risk of developing a disabling condition.

1. Adhesions are foremost known as an iatrogenic disorder, thus the silence that surrounds this common illness.

2. The public should be aware of this prevalent, often disabling, disorder.

3. Sufferers should not have to waste 7-10 years in search of an answer to the pain caused by this condition.