The Indigo Drum
Program Design
By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The Indigo Drum’s program design was a concept that was developed in about 1995 and was interrupted because of a government emergency. The Indigo Drum is a project that will use outside consultants and experts such as teachers, instructors who are qualified and certified in their areas of expertise as per investigation and real proof, and are interested in this particular type of program, which will provide for employees both a research opportunity and the opportunity to be paid and the opportunity to write and be a part of the solution in United States diplomatic action instead of being a continued part of the problem.
I am looking for the project to be a computer hub based project which is established first in one area and then in another, in sequence, over the course of time – (with no particular mapping method to establish same developed yet.) I have researched an organization in Chicago, Illinois which trains field police and writers in the ways that I am interested in having raining done for “The Indigo Drum” project. They are a credible organization and are fairly young, having just started about 6 or 7 years ago. I am hoping to get trainers from their organization to be a part of the Indigo Drum and pay the trainers along with the staff hired, except for college student interns which will be part of whatever local area the project is currently in. The program is designed to be viable in any country. Interpretators need to be hired who are very proficient in “that” country of origin’s language.
I would like to find and be able to rent for a year a facility that would house 50 com-puters and computer desks and hire staff and college interns for the facility who have an interest in the areas of fielding the area, writing about the arts, sociology, mental health, Social Work, local law enforcement issues, and personal materials and can read the on-the-keyboard letters and monitor that to aid and assist the local police.
The project is not short term and could add to the quality of communities and the people in it. Community development programming could be done from The Indigo Drum which is local to the community, and the Indigo Drum, is also projected to have a studio where people can create original artwork. The Indigo Drum in high risk area could also function very easily as a “Safe House” or “Safe Haven” type of environment and be open 24 hours a day to assist people in danger on the streets for whatever reason by providing immediate safety and then transportation to other areas as needed.
Since Alcoholism is a problem in my life if untreated, I would like to be able offer a room in “The Indigo Drum” facility as a meeting place for the Alcoholics Anonymous Organization, The Cocaine Anonymous Organization, Al-Anon, and other self-help groups that are self-supporting but need a new, meeting place not in a treatment based center. The physical facility has to be able to accommodate this need in a separate room detached from the rest of the business, also available 24 hours a day to the general public and community at large.
The concept initially had to do with a Christmas theme – which was to put a sticker of “The Little Drummer Boy”, a relative’s favorite Christmas Carol on Stationary, my business cards, and other areas as part of the company logo. I also used the stuffed Teddy bears or “Bearerstein” logo – aka Teddy Bears and the Comfort of Bears as part of the theme of the project. I picked the colors of Indigo and other shades of blue which tend to be ‘cool’ and tend to be somewhat relaxing as per prior scientific research on ‘the art of color in the home and work environment’. I also took a lot of time in making counted cross stitch that was in my house which could have been very appropriate for the agency, for instance, A counted cross stitch from “Isaiah”, a chapter of the Bible: about the ’Lion and the Lamb growing up together’, and other counted cross stitch pieces that were suitable for “The Indigo Drum”. I also spent a great deal of time on making Irish lace curtains which were perfect for the theme of the agency, all of which I would like to include again.
I would also like to have on the premises of “The Indigo Drum” a natural foods snack/lunch/sandwich machine. There are many providers of Natural foods and drinks to aid in better overall health of employees, student interns, and visitors of “The Indigo Drum” who may be interested in this vending contract.
In addition to field writing and research people, I need to be able to hire legal counsel who has a track record of success and honesty in addition to being knowledgeable in their legal areas.
The Indigo Drum also is going to have a weekly newsletter distributed to the general community and population which features the work of the employees and student interns in their areas of interest to help people who are interested in the area of journalism in particular to be able to achieve a measure of success.
The Indigo Drum is also going to have an International component, and I plan to apply for grants via Grants.gov when I have the business established and the rent paid for one year which list foreign countries seeking correspondents in the United States, in addition to correspondents listed with The United Nations presently. If the project is located in different cities, the contacts would be mutually exclusive to that area.
Additionally, in the area of presenters, selecting experts in training areas will be assistive to the individual in establishing a higher level of credibility and having another area of expertise to add to their resume, in addition to providing employees and student interns with additional networking opportunities.
This project has been worked for many years. Part of the project included fielding of various areas to see what other people developed in their area. Some of these other development plans were racketeering plans that ate people’s lives and their monies up and then kept moving forward. The result of this fielding/research can be seen on “Born To Be Miserable” which is online at http://www.BornToBeMiserable.blogspot.com. This particular link includes many articles and was already submitted as part of the Fulbright awards requirement. This project is needed because it is “The Missing Link”. When I was looking for an internship that I liked as an Undergraduate student at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio nothing like this then existed which combined Social Work with Law enforcement with Criminology with Journalism with needed support available via AA and other similarly formatted meetings like ACOA, CA, NA, and etc. on the grass roots level and allowed for artistic achievement in writing and creative arts, plus was available to college student interns.