We, the undersigned, wish to see a stop to all the corruption and brutality at Russell County Sheriffs Department in Phenix City, AL.

On Nov. 15 2010, Donna Hoover was arrested and convicted for DUI. The officer states on the ticket and in written statements that Donna refused to take a breathalyzer... In the video of Donna Hoover next to the poli

Justice will prevail when every RCSD employee is retrained on civil rights, and cameras put in every jail cell so that other detainees will not have to worry about getting their privates tased.... They need cameras in the nurses' office and a new nurse. People can't help but to act the way they have been trained. They were under the impression that it is acceptable to do whatever they want out of cameras sight. Employees are taught how to hide the violence from cameras and back each other up with the same story that does not fit the video. Every time Donna Hoover was punched, hit and choked the door was opened to hide from the camera, but what they didn't realize is that the door has a window in the middle. After taken into the cell she was stripped from her clothes and tased several times and beat severely. The Phenix City police officer in the photos looked in the cell and walked out, quit and moved away.

We need changes for a better future with no brutality at RCSD.

We CAN and WILL make a difference! The next beating could be to you, your mom, dad, brother, sister, child....

Please comment on any brutality you know of that has taken place at the RCSD. They have covered their tracks long enough. There are several case open and many in the past. RCSD has gotten away with it long enough. It needs to END.