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Will Assad pull the trigger on chemical weapons ?

  • Yes (78% people answered this)
  • No (15% people answered this)
  • There is no such thing as chemical weapons in Syria (5% people answered this)

70 people voted.

For the past 16 months the Syrian land was, and continues to be, soaked with the blood of syrians. The blood of those who asked for their basic rights and freedom, and eventually the blood of those who oppressed them. We have a cause, The Syrian cause. it's the future of Syria -the land that was a torch of culture and prosperity for many centuries- the great future that we all know syria has every potential to obtain. No matter what we will face ahead we have to stay loyal to that cause. it's our mission, and our children's mission to build Syria to be the country it deserves to be.

An alarming issue that has been echoing the international community with reports flooding the Pentagon and NATO warning Assad of the consequences of using chemical weapons against the people. Pentagon called it a suicide attempt and that the regime will lose the support of China & Russia if they dare to do so. please share your opinion with us, your voice matters. Thank you Never give up on Syria
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