Whispered tlah lost soul in a single breath
Wherever you deny a sacred promise tuk with
In laughter and sorrow
Rest assured pal always ...
Bring all your heart tear wounds
Knife is flowing in every drop of my blood
Sadness that look on your face
Is the deepest pain
You are my heart inhospitable penyobek
Taukah are you buddy?
That glimmer of laughter that used to adorn the face pobud
Tlah now faded and no longer
Pride in the hearts of rope between you and me
Now you have it off fingers
And I'm fragile without hands
I want you to always keep and protect
Buddy ...
A slap that always I get when kusalah
A guidance always hugged when kulemah
Now I find will never again
Where should I look for it all?
You left without saying a word
You have disconnected friendship
Holy friendship
Wherever you are now stained with silence, lies, and boredom
Everything is full of pretense
You make friendships
As berths
Tuk looking for life experience
Why are you doing this?
I dwell in silence full of pain
While you laugh full gaiety
So now I ask:
Do you think a friend?
And a sincere friend like?
You just can not answer silent
Buddy ...

Forgive yourself if self is guilty
Although you've been gone
To me you're always in my heart
Because you are my friend
From then and until whenever

What we experience for friends sometimes tiring
and annoying, but that's what makes the friendship
have a wonderful value.

Friendship often presenting several trials, but
true friendship can overcome the temptations that even
grow with so ...

Friendship is not created automatically but
requires a long process such as iron menajamkanbesi,
so a friend sharpens his friend. Friendship
colored by the experiences of joy and sorrow, entertained-harmed,
note-let down, ignored heard, assisted-rejected,
but all of these have never intentionally done
with the aim kebencian.Seorang friend does not hide mistakes
to avoid disputes, precisely because of his love
he ventured to rebuke what it is.

Companions never wrap a blow with a kiss,
but state what is very painful
with the aim of companions willing to change.

Process of friends become friends takes effort
maintenance of fidelity, but not when we
need help then we have the motivation
for attention, help and statements you
from others, but instead he gave beriinisiatif
and realize what is required by his friend.

His desire is to be part of the life of his friend,
because there is no friendship that begins with a selfish attitude.
Everyone will need true friends,
but not everyone got it.
Many people who have enjoyed the beauty of friendship, but
some are so devastated by the betrayal friend.