The most heinous crime in America was committed when the Fish and Wildlife Service delisted gray wolves as an Endangered Species. Ever since this event, the American States are falling like dominos to “manage” their wolves…KILL THEM ALL.” That solves the problem of dealing with wolves!!! These actions to start wolf/witch hunts are fear driven and lack of understanding of wolves. If the States are afraid the wolves are killing livestock, called depredation, the individual States do not realize that if they disrupt a pack, there will be killing of livestock, because wolves, as a major player in the eco-system, keep the numbers of moose, deer and elk at bay; otherwise those populations would grow out of control. wolf pups without proper training by adult wolves will never learn what their prey is! And, the facts unfold a story of very little depradation.

Wolves are the symbols of the American wilderness, about which the United States government does not care. The Government of America would prefer to allow trophy hunters have their “sport” and allow the posting on Social websites, such as Facebook, of horrible photos of dead wolves, shot by hunters, with the wolves’ blood staining the snow bright red.

We cannot go on any longer with this madness permeating this country. We cannot allow the slaughtering of gray wolves, which wolves no longer have any protection from hunters who merely want to kill them for sport. SPORT!!! What’s next?

Here are some interesting numbers posted by the Fish and Wildlife Service itself about wolf populations in the western states:
1. Washington State: 27 wolves
2. Oregon : 59 wolves
3. California: 1 wolf
4. Montana: 653 wolves
5. Wyoming: 328 wolves, where a wolf hunt is to commence 10/1/12. 328 wolves!! AND, 13,280 licenses issued to kill by ANYONE!!
6. Idaho: 746 wolves

One lonely wolf in California, who does not even have a mate! How can that poor wolf procreate? Which means California wolf population numbers will drop to zero.

These numbers are shocking! As we sign this petition, these States have delisted wolves in their State…even calling them vermin…the MAJESTIC WOLF…there are wolf/witch hunts going on in these States and more. What a sad statement about America to the rest of the world.

This atrocious decision to delist gray wolves must be REVERSED to save the lives of the very few wolves we Americans are proud to say are ours.