Birthday Wish

For my birthday (next week), I'm asking people to help sponsor the Chharanagar Library More info:

94 Members - help us get 6 more!

Vimukta is stuck at 94 members, please help us reach the 100 mark by inviting 3 of your friends! Thank you for supporting Vimukta. Cheers, Kerim

Our goal for 2009 - 20 "Library Sponsors"

The following excerpt is from our latest update about the film. You can read more here: A HELPING HAND In addition to collaborating closely with the community during the production and editing of…Read More

End of Year Campaign

Each year we raise $1000 to help fund the Chharanagar library. This library is much more than a library, its a community center and an informal school as well. But its first and foremost a library - and a very good one at that! It houses a large collection of…Read More

Six Dollars

This is the one and only request for donations you will receive from us this year. If everyone of our members were to donate $6, we will meet our modest fundraising goals for 2008. The money will go to paying for informal schooling at the Chharanagar library,…Read More

Tell 10 Friends about Vimukta!

Dear Vimukta supporters, We are excited to see how fast Vimukta is growing. We will soon reach 50 members. If each of those 50 members can recruit an additional 10 members we will reach our goal of 500 in no time! Please tell your friends about Vimukta. You…Read More

Help Build Vimukta

Dear Vimukta supporters, First, I'd like to thank everyone for joining! We now have 24 members, which is great for a new organization that hasn't done much except support a single community library and informal school. But we dream big, and for that we need…Read More
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