stop animal creulty, and get anyone who will to write the government with concerns on funding for the OSPCA!!

This group is here for anyone who wishes to say anything, about the creulty of animals, and to bring attention to the fact the the OSPCA is NOT government funded.
The OSPCA is mostly funded by organizations and private individuals ... WHAT!!!!????
The government pays HOW MUCH to PMs and SEAT sitters??
And the animals get nothing?!?!
I understand the fact that the Government is "looking into funding" the OSPCA, but why is it taking so long??

Why doesn't Dryden have an OSPCA office here (too little money to have 2 offices in this "little" country side)LOL!!!...Kinda far away to go all the way to Kenora to adopt a dog or cat...the only ones supporting the OSPCA here is the Vets , Triple F Pet Supply and some other individuals from the area.....

Southern Ontario OSPCA doesn't seem to realize we have to travel hundreds of miles, do the jobs of 12 people (when running a shelter with one wage, or maybe two) and don't make as much money as the bigger adoption centers as we have low profits, so we lost a branch here in Dryden, and kept the one in Kenora....we just don't have the volume of people as they do... BUT the NEED is still there...should we suffer with less care for animals because of the low volume of people...THIS is where the Government SHOULD be stepping in!!!!! This is a void in the system!!!!!

1. To have the government fund money for the OSPCA!

2. All animals (domesticated or wild) have the right to be treated humanely.

3. All animals should have someone(OSPCA) to stand up for their rights.

4. All animals should be placed into caring, loving homes if not wanted or treated properly by their original owners.

5. All animals should have a chance at life.

6. All animals, even STOCK (horses, cows, pigs. sheep, etc.) should be treated with humane methods for shipping and/or export.

7. All animals should be sterilized or have planned pregnancies to reduce the flow of unwanted animals/pets.