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Further updates on the Quang Ngai shipwreck

What is archaeology? These quotes are from the recent media stories about the Quang Ngai shipwreck:

..."those who hunt for treasure in the ocean have another, more advanced method โ€“ closing off an area at sea and drying it up to expose antiques" and "This allows antique hunters to pick out items in the sea as if they are on land" from:

"Excavators from Doan Anh Duong, the company in charge of excavating the antiques, each bent down and picked up the pieces with great care" from:

"Experts have confirmed that relics retrieved from a shipwreck in the central province of Quang Ngai date back to the 14th century, making them among the oldest underwater antiques Vietnam has ever discovered" and "The latest ship was actually discovered accidentally by local fishermen, who then stole various objects from the wreck to sell" from:

"The antiques were then sold to dealers by the kilogram" from

Certainly the big international antique dealers are just hanging out for these antiquities to reach the international antiquities trade see:

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