Figuring out what to do about Murdered Public Figures Event

This for the Fans of any Public Figure(Celebrity or Government Official). The Link to the Event is on the Pledge.

Two Or More Groups Post About The Same Topic.

If your Group and, at least, one other Group post here regarding the same Topic, or Issue, and so would like our own MJ Warriors: General Causes Community. To get a MJ Warriors: General Causes Community, write the Leaders or Administrators Names along with…Read More

Michael needs us, now!

We have to do what he is not here to do!

Asking to be made a Leader

If you want to be a Leader in this Causes Community because you Lead or Administrate in honor of Michael, in memory of Michael or anything that is related to any Jackson Family Member, then in a Comment, something you can do by clicking on the third of Three…Read More
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