Demand President Obama, Sec Hagel remove 2 Air Force pilots following Aviano sexual assault scandal

Last month, an Air Force General overruled a conviction of a fellow fighter pilot who was removed from the military for sexual assault. Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin set justice aside and overruled the jury’s verdict convicting Lt. Col. James Wilkerson of…Read More

Get returning vets the care they deserve and #EndTheVABacklog

Hello Cause Community, I saw this petition about disability benefits for veterans and wanted to enlist your support to help the campaign. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) were created to fill the gaps in loss of earnings potential and quality of life…Read More

What is your favorite musical tribute to the military?

Hello Friends, I saw this poll which asks for the best song that represents our military heroes and wanted to share it with you. What do you think is the best song?

"One EVERY 65 minutes" Demand EQUAL Access to Military Treatment Facilities for the Reserve Components for July 4 2013.


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