Over 300,000O Baby Seals in Canada, are brutaly slaughtered with sledge hammers and ice picks under the hands of non pity hunters, seeking nothing else the love of money, to sell and supply the fur industry.
These greedy hunters clobber to death these poor innocent, defenseless creatures, some do not die immediately. Left unconscious and wake up and have to endure the agony of having their fur scalped off, left on the ice. Ice cold and nothing left but their flesh. A most slow and painful death.
We are in an era that fashion is at it's highest degree of vanity.
Would you wear dead animals on your back, knowing all the suffering and pain they have endured and also knowing that it takes more than over 10 Baby Seals just to make one single fur coat ? I would not !
Please help me put an end, once and for all to all this massacre. By donating to these causes and signing petitions, writing to the government Harper asking him to put an end to this barbaric activity.
Just one person can make a huge differance. Are you willing to be that today person ?