I think something should be done to kids who bully other kids in school. Too many kids are choosing to take their own life because of bullying. I strongly believe that if there would be some consequences to bullying that this would stop some of these sinceless suicides in our young peolple. Teachers should be more involved as well as parents. Talk to your kids find out how their day went, ask questions check thier facebook, text messages from phones do whatever it takes to know what is going on in your childs life. Make an effort to know what is going on with your child, be involved in their school and their friends. We have got to come together and find a solution to this growing problem. Please join me in my cause "Stop Bullying In Schools" and lets together find solutions to this problem and stop these suicides in our young people, cause remember these young people will run our country one day and i dont know about others but I dont want a bunch of bullies runing this country. Stop the bullying in schools now!!!