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Update on February 10, 2013

I've been taking care of these precious cats since June 2012.  Wow.  About 9 months. 
So far, so good.  My kids are doing well.  They love to eat!!:)~~~They love to play!!:)~~~

They love to cuddle with each other!!:)~~~Cool~~~

Truly amazing how they are surviving everything Mother Nature has been hitting them with.  If they can survive the extreme heat of summer, the torrential rains of summer and fall, and the winds of Hurricane Sandy, along with the snow and bitter cold temperatures we've been having this winter,.....................I think they'll survive anything and everything. 

Thank You God for taking care of them.  Please God, continue caring for them and protecting them.  I'll keep feeding them daily, loving, caring protecting and playing with them the best I can as long as you let me God.  Thank You for this priviledge God. Amen.~~~ 

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