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They should hang their heads in shame

A care home for 24 severely disabled people in Wigan is set to close. The residents receive 24 hour care from workers the residents have fell in love with, as if they are their family.

The residents live with severe learning disability.

They don't know their home is going. They probably don't understand fully what is going to happen. They don't know that it is planned that the friends they have made and the bonds they share are about to be ripped apart.

We are winning this fight but we need more support.

The families of the residents, workers and carers and no doubt the residents want to stay in their much-loved care home.

The Council's excuse is that up to £250,000 needs to be spent to upgrade. Yet a few weeks later they announced a £2 MILLIONS slush fund to spend on other projects before the 2014 elections.

The Council clearly do not see that providing care to our most vulnerable is their top priority.

Campaigners opposed to the closure have delivered thousands of leaflets saying those responsible for closing the home should "Hang their heads in Shame." (pictured)

Campaigners just want 10,000 online signatures. We are nearly at 6,000 so please share, sign, email and twitter the petition. Thank you -

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