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Watch My Dam Movie!

Thanks to everyone who took my dam quiz! I was also moved when I learned that some Kenyans have to walk 35 miles for water, which is why I'm doing something more about it.

YOU can help protect thousands of people from future droughts in Kenya! Join me and my Lemon:Aid Warriors by "Giving a Dam" ( today!
I am grateful so many people watched My Dam Movie! You've learned how people walk miles a day for clean water. You've learned about sustainable solutions we can provide. You've learned about what a bunch of kids called LemonAID Warriors are doing to help.

I know you want to help, too! "Give a Dam" ( Please give what you can, no matter how small, to Blood:Water Missions Kenyan Dam Project. Just $1 can provide clean water for 1 person for 1 whole year! Donate your coffee house money for one week, and drink water or house coffee in reusable cups. This can provide water for 15 years! Go on. Give a Dam!!


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