Petition: Ban Fracking Now

There is going to be Earth quakes on a mass scale where ever there is fracking

The Street where it took place.

Where mark(so Called) was waiting Radlett S crubbitts square


Thanks everyone for supporting this cause its going slowley but surley im learning how to get the right people to help thank you again...xx

Please Sign My petition on


I have recieved an email from my local MP, stating he will look into this as a matter of urgency .hmmm Funny i went to him about this back in March/April, and not much. I will see but i will also continue with what I have started, ust in case.


Went out Saturday Eve to hand out some of my petition leaflets but, too many people were Drunk enjoying themselves,and it wasnt the right moment disrupt that at night ,or to speak about this on bonfire this week my focus will be to pick a day to…Read More

Fund raising!

Thank you to those who have signed this petition its a start . Thank you again. I am in the Process of setting up a Fundraise to get a Private Prosecution going as there is so much more to this story as the people involved that helped protect this man and not…Read More


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