Police Refuse to investigate Officers of Hertfordshire Police who helped pervert the cause of Justice by covering over the facts of the attempted rape by Mark the Gardener, and the people who would have instigated Mark the Rapist.
Gaetan Shurrerr and his friends, who happen to have friends in the Police Service and other Public Service like Herts fire Brigade ,who obviousley have no Morals inregards to there job.

Mark the Radlett Rapist accused of actual rape before ! How many Others??

Those in Radlett town to be ashamed that they allowed all this abuse to happen knowing full well Mark the Rapist IS a Rapist and said nothing at all!
Imagine if someone you Love was keeping silent no Matter how bubbily on the outside!
Think! what would you the Public want your Daughter /Sister/Mother/Aunt/Niece, to do?
Would you want a Private Prosecution against these people?? YES!

Thank you to all for taking the Time to read this.