On the 13/09/09 these 2 amazing girls were killed in a road traffic collison, the driver was arrested and eventually charged with causing death by dangerous driving.....he turned right onto a no right turn into the path of 36 seater coach.....it was proved a call was made from his phone at 9.04pm the collison happened at 9.05pm he admitted on oath to txting a few minutes before the crash....this lad has never shown any remorse......2 1/2yrs later we all sat through the trial were because of many many mistakes he was found not guilty to causing death by dangerous driving but admitted to causing death by careless driving his punishment for taking 2 beautiful girls lives carelessly was 150hrs community service and a 2 yr driving ban.........we cannot let these beautiful angels die in vain and become another statistic.....what i have done is set up a petition to get jade and tias case looked over and also to ask for a change in the law so that tougher sentences are brought into effect for causing a death by careless driving and also hope that it is brought into force that victims have more of a right to stand on oath and have their say xxx