How far has the Voyager 1 spacecraft traveled in 35 years?

2 trillion miles (33% people answered this) 890,000 miles (7% people answered this) 11 billion miles (37% people answered this) 78 million miles (21% people answered this) 1174 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: 11 billion miles …Read More

Do you have a favorite Shuttle Endeavour Memory?

Launched for the first time in May 1992, the space shuttle Endeavour officially retires after one last voyage across the United States before landing in Los Angeles at its final resting place, the California Science Center. Endeavour traveled More than…Read More

Save the Coshocton Planetarium!

Hey team Science! A good friend of mine just launched this petition to save a planetarium from destruction in Ohio. Can we help save it? Click to check it out and pass the word, especially if you know anyone locally.…Read More

Take the pledge to not text while driving

Telecommunications are probably one of the world's greatest achievements and they've helped us communicate with other human beings easier and more efficiently. For this, I am grateful. But, as a former resident of Los Angeles, Ca, I know firsthand that…Read More

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