Back to Up to Us: Brown University

CBO forecasts debt to be what % of GDP in 2023?

  • 14% (15% people answered this)
  • 59% (54% people answered this)
  • 77% (30% people answered this)

72 people answered.


Correct answer is: 77%


Common Sense Action, a Brown University student organization, is participating in a nationwide competition to engage campus communities on the issue of our federal government’s long-term debt called Up to Us. Common Sense Action: is a grassroots student group that mobilizes proud Democrats, proud Republicans, and proud Independents to build courageous bipartisan compromises that will help solve our nation’s economic and fiscal challenges. As American youth, we believe that our problems are too great: the debt is too large, our schools are too weak, and our economy is too fragile to choose partisanship over policymaking. We believe that a bipartisan nation-building strategy requires that we find a humane way to cut entitlement commitments while also calling on government to work with businesses and communities to build infrastructure, strengthen schools, and support research. We recognize that nation building is a team effort that requires shared sacrifice from all Americans. The way we see it: as a generation, we have to reduce our debt and rebuild our economy or face debt and decline. Its Up to Us is sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and Net Impact.

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