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As we approach the debt ceiling, what do you think a federal debt-reduction plan should include?

  • Solely increases in tax revenue (0% people answered this)
  • Solely decreases in government spending (7% people answered this)
  • A combination of increased tax revenue and decreased government spending (85% people answered this)
  • I don’t think a debt-reduction plan is necessary (0% people answered this)
  • Don’t know / not sure (7% people answered this)

14 people voted.

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is participating in Up to Us, a nationwide competition to educate and engage campus communities on the issue of our federal government’s long-term debt. Our team is working to create events and initiatives that will bring together the campus community, left and right, to start the conversation our generation needs to have on how we will solve the national problems previous generations have not been able to solve.

The fiscal cliff is a hot topic these days. And rightly so, as it will trigger about $500 billion in tax increases and spending cuts. While there is no easy solution, there are a number of ways we can reduce or federal debt, over time, as the economy recovers.

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