As our government leaders work to avoid the fiscal cliff, what measures do you think a federal debt-

Solely increases in tax revenue (5% people answered this) Solely decreases in government spending (17% people answered this) A combination of increased tax revenue and decreased government spending (67% people answered this) I don’t think a…Read More

Tell us how you want the government to spend your money

Your tax dollars are valuable! If you don't pay taxes yet, don't worry…YOU WILL. Our government directs tax revenue to a wide range of programs, services, and expenses. Upload an image, short video, or text blurb that expresses what you think our federal…Read More

What is our U.S. publicly held federal debt?

Guess the Debt Photos!

On February 6, the Up to Us UM team set down on the Diag and encouraged students to guess how much cash was in a fishbowl, representative of the federal debt, with each bill representing $25 billion. Here are some photos from the event. Winners will be…Read More

CONTEST: Submit a caption for this cartoon!

To commemorate the launch of the Up to Us campaign, we are hosting a caption contest! Please submit your caption as a comment below by Sunday, Feb 3 2013; The five finalists will be announced by Wednesday, Feb 6. Voting will then be used to select our two…Read More


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