Hey Wolverines!
We're competing in Up to Us, a nationwide effort to educate and engage campus communities on the issue of our federal government’s long-term debt. Join, learn why fiscal policy affects our generation the most, and participate in our campaign beginning Winter 2013!

We'll be hosting fun events next semester when we actually begin campaigning. Expect cool and unique learning opportunities as well as awesome social events!

Up to Us is a three-way partnership between Net Impact, Clinton Global Initiative University, and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. It has been made possible at UMich through Net Impact Undergrad. Come visit us here:

We are competing against:
American University
Brown University
Georgetown University
Morehouse College
New York University
Rutgers University
University of California - Berkeley
University of Miami
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
University of Texas at Austin
University of Virginia

Join our cause and help us win!