Possible changes in Bulgarian archaeology

Help us to protect what has been achieved !

Help us to protect what has been achieved ! We need funds to: 1) Build protective device (fence) around the exposed and examined in 2011-2012 main street. 2) Install security cameras around the studied area. 3) Take emergency measures to conservation of…Read More

Corruption at the highest level continues to impede the reopening of the archaeological researches in Ratiaria

The director of the Archaeological Institute in Sofia tried to stop the newly established excavation at Ratiaria ...

The reopening of the excavations in Ratiaria ... twenty years after the break!

We still continue to insist that Ratiaria and all its region (modern Vidin District) must be returned to the scientists...

Plundering the Past - SBS ONE

David O'Shea travels to Bulgaria, and discovers that the country's rich archaeological history is severely under threat. Ratsiaria was one of the richest and most important centres in the Roman empire, but has now been turned into a wasteland by illegal…Read More


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