To: This Petition Is For Or Father Whom Lost His Battle Against These Super-Bugs. Let's Help Save Lives By Reporting These Diseases To The Proper Agencies!

I'm asking you all to Sign This Petition for Infectious Disease Awareness !! Please know none of us are free from any Infection's especially when it comes too our Healthcare Facility's Remember Knowledge Is Power It Can Save Your Life Or A Loved One's Life . The more you know the better you can PROTECT YOUR SELF AND OTHERS ! I wish we would have known about these Life Threatening Infectious Diseases ... Perhaps our Father would BE HERE TODAY ! I have done my homework and these Bacteria's are a Major Concern and we all must take this very Serious .. One Life Lost To Is One To Many .. My Goal is to save someone from living this kind of HELL!!! ALL these Infections are Preventable! PLEASE DON'T LET THESE SUPER-BUGS TAKE YOU OR A LOVED ONE!!!!!!!