Slam Dunks, Fireworks and Eagles Super PAC is a DC-based Super PAC run by college students who are deeply concerned with our government's fiscal irresponsibility and determined to encourage deficit reduction through bipartisanship. Deficit reduction should be prioritized by both political parties and should be a concern of every American citizen, especially those of us who will soon be entering the workforce. As the next generation of Americans, we would like to stress to our leaders that their fiscal irresponsibility and political partisanship will soon be our problem. Slam Dunks, Fireworks, and Eagles Super PAC exists to address this concern.

You may be wondering where our name came from. Our super PAC loves America and what is more American than slam dunks, fireworks, and eagles? There are a lot of super PACs out there and we wanted to stand out. Let’s be honest, you wouldn't’ be visiting our website if it wasn't for our fantastic name. It says: “Pay attention to us."

Most politicians claim to appreciate the need to reduce our deficit; they simply can't agree on how to address this need. Attempts have been made to mandate a balanced federal budget. We are however committed to finding a bipartisan alternative to the Balanced Budget Amendment. We are asking nothing more than for politicians to carry out the commitments they have made to this country by putting the country's interests ahead of their own. We want to angle this as the college Super PAC, for people worried about our financial future, about deficits.

We hope to accomplish our goal in part by raising funds to hold events at which politicians from both sides of the aisle can gather together with a round of beers to discuss proactive deficit reduction strategies. In college you settle your differences by talking them out around beers; we hope to encourage our Congressmen to engage in this practice too. There used to be a time when Democrats and Republicans would put aside their political differences at the end of the day and head to the local bar in hopes of understanding each other's perspectives and enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately we have personally seen this practice all but vanish on the Hill. We want to bring it back because we think we will have a better government if we have a friendlier government.