This will be the location where you will come to when you want to request that a New Subject, or New Topic, is needed for a New MJ Warriors: General Causes Community. You will also need to access this Main Page to request to be made a Leader on any of the MJ Warriors: General Causes Communities. You can do either of these things by clicking on the Title of the Note written for each and then Scrolling down to the bottom of that Page and Commenting.

The MJ Warriors: General Causes Communities have Three Purposes. One, it keeps Members of a Community informed of what Michael's Fans are doing to help in a certain Area, for a certain Topic or Subject. Two, it makes it easier for Michael's Fans to help each other. All of the information will be in one place. Links to all of the Petitions will be in one single Place and more of the Fans will know about them. Third, this will save you Time instead of Posting many times you have to Post once and everyone who is Member or Leader on that MJ Warriors: General Causes Community will know.

NOTE: Please, in any request to become a Leader, include a Link to your Group. We ask for a Link not because we do not trust real MJ Fans, because we do not underestimate MJ Haters. We would not be surprised if a MJ Hater pretended to be a Fan with a Group just to get added as a Leader and then who knows what that person would do. We are just trying to prevent a future potential problem.