Greening of Birth Blog

Recently, a teacher inspired me to do more writing on my work and create a "Greening of Birth" blog and therefore that blog is being set into motion. I do not have it up at this date, but it is in creation at this time. Since it keeps snowing in Montana, I…Read More


Let's try to get this group up to 500 people by actively recruiting people that you know and who support a healthy and collaborative maternity care system in the US, over the next week...Visibility will continue to help us get off the ground as an…Read More

Rebecca Egbert, aka Sunny

Hello all. As an honorary administrator of Greening of Birth, I am taking upon myself to urge you all to send GoB's creator, Rebecca Egbert, aka Sunny, as much righteous love, light, thoughts, prayers, magic and medicine as you can. She is with her family in…Read More
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