Livestream in the peace house the peace house men speaking their mind on live stream

Upcoming Peace house events

Dear all friends and supporters of the peace house Please find the Peace house near in the Upcoming events : Friday 21st Sep 2012 : Open Mic at Occupy Peace House at 8 pm Saturday 22nd : Smash Racism event , Seventeenth st festival , Episcopal church…Read More

Peace house Open mic : Free coffee on the house !

When: Friday 14th of September 2011 Time : 8:30pm -1:00 am Where : Peace House 1233 12th st NW . 20005 DC For more information please contact [email protected] , 202-733-1980 This event is open to all categories (music, comedy, poem readings, etc) Get…Read More

Press TV Coverage of the Occupy Movement and Occupy peace house

Dear Friends and comrades !!! Please watch ( the peace house is on the 17th minute !!!) Yay! thank you press TV

Thank you everyone for your support - keep supporting the peace house

Dear All, we would like to thank you all for your support .we need as much solidarity and support as needed , we will be taking to the streets to talk about the peace house . look up or website and Facebook and encourage others to support and sign our…Read More

Supporters of peace and Justice nationally and internationally: Solidarity with the longest standing peace vigil in the United States

Please Sign the petition…Read More

World's Longest Standing Peace Vigilist's Home at Risk

As I stood by the stove in the kitchen chatting with one of my fellow occupy activists, a little old lady came down the stairs with a cup of tea in her hand and introduced herself to me as "Connie". What I learned that day from Connie, or Concepcion, is that…Read More
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