Dear Congressman Darrell Issa,

Dear Congressman Darrell Issa, I know you and your committee are extremely busy. As far as my opinion goes, Justice in America begins and ends in your committee. It's a disgrace, but thank God we have at least your committee. And I thank you, and everyone…Read More

Another Government Cover-Up

Another Government Cover-Up Only 126 more petition signatures needed to reach 10,000. Federal Department of Justice calls it a state issue State refuses to acknowledge the…Read More

“We can’t have an American people..."

“We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it..." Harry Reid However, Harry Reid, his son, Illegal Aliens, Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and everyone else of the powerful elite can still…Read More

Only 3% needed for our first goal

Only 3% needed for our first goal to move Chris Christie's investigation. Only 300 more signers needed to reach 10,000 petition signers to Chris Christie, asking for an investigation on some New Jersey State corruption. Decorated war veteran to be…Read More

Decorated war veteran to be charged with contempt of court or...

Decorated war veteran to be charged with contempt of court or... Either, New Jersey charges him with Contempt of Court for falsely accusing both the NJ Supreme and Superior Courts of a Cover-Up, or the federal and New Jersey governments bring criminal…Read More

Disabled Vet fights back.

Disabled Vet fights back. Law Firm Tries Taking Advantage Of Their Own PTSD Disabled Client.

More Prison Time For EVERYONE Found Guilty In A Government Cover-UP

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