Hey everyone, I just started an event this past week over on Facebook. It is called ANTIBULLYGEDDON and is lasting throughout the month of October. As you know, October is Bully Awareness Month. This is a way to honor the cause. People are sharing stories,…Read More

Still adding folks

Hey everyone, I am still in the process of adding people to the cause. The site does not let me send over 25 invites a day. SO, I want to get everyone added before doing anything. Please do not leave the cause.....there will be stuff to do! Thanks for…Read More

South Carolina Residents

Hey! Is anyone on here in South Carolina? If so, can you take ten seconds and sign this petition? I am trying to amend on the 2006 law that was passed on bullying. Since school started, there has already been an incident. It happened in Loris, S.C. In order…Read More


Wow! Over 500 and still inviting......

Birthday Wish: Can you help?

Hey everyone, well we are getting to 500 members! That is awesome! Once I get everyone invited, we can fight against Peer Abuse! Today is my birthday. I have a wish for my day. Can anyone help this little one? I wish for her to be healthy. She has been…Read More

Over 400 and Growing!

Hey! Let's hope we get to 1000 by the end of the week!

Over 300 and GROWING!

This is so cool! I am looking to move from sole proprierter to a non-profit. Trying to find out how to do this stuff. I want this to go 501c3 for adult survivors and education on Peer Abuse.
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