how much does it take to train a Dog for the Disabled ?

free (22% people answered this) 100 euro (0% people answered this) 30,000 euro (77% people answered this) 9 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: 30,000 euro The aim of Irish Dogs for the Disabled is to improve the quality of life and…Read More

how would you help ? Irish Dogs for the Disabled

anything to raise money to help them reduce waithig lists for disabled children (26% people answered this) make people aware (26% people answered this) check out the web site (0% people answered this) check out the web site and donate (0% people…Read More

Update on September 02, 2012

who voted free? omg

Loud Pipes Save Lives!!!!!!!!!! Started by Greg Cromarty

ABOUT LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES keep the government from risking our lives by banning loud pipes this is for people that believe that if a driver hears you he might actually look and see you,all we want is to stay alive to ride another day. We dont believe the…Read More

the Delta Horizon Tour

you've hummed to its music,sampled its cuisine and very probably travelled its roads without ever leaving your living room. Irish Dogs for the Disabled is now offering you the chance to literally sample history on a two week, 3,000 kilometre guided motorcycle…Read More

Elliotts surgery

Please cross your fingers for unsuccessful puppy (health) Elliott, as he is having major surgery tomorrow at UCD Veterinary collage. He will have a long recovery period before being rehomed. All at IDFD will be thinking of you tomorrow Elliott...!!!! UPDATE…Read More

Assistance Dogs for the Community

providing Assistance Dogs for the Community Dogs for the Disabled can make a dramatic difference in the quality of life for individuals with special needs or disabilities. Not only can they assist them physically, but also these specially trained dogs…Read More
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