Can Ddungu James Nelson tutor your stubborn child

Yes but it can take him sometime because my kids are very stubborn (0% people answered this) Yes i have ever seen him tutor other kids and he can handle mine. (21% people answered this) Am not sure of what he can do, but i would like him to try my kids…Read More

Courageous For the Desperate

Hassan has been a Ugandan country musician for nearly his entire 27years. He separated from his parents and family when he was just 4years of age. He fled from upcountry to Kampala city where he joined a group pocket pickers; just a few weeks down his…Read More

There are many like Karim

The reasons why a little young boy who is barely four year may leave home, in your neighborhood may be few or even none. For Karim, he can talk the whole day telling you what his father does that made him think that safe was away from home. Even her mother…Read More

The Courageous Children Chorus

They come from different backgrounds to meet in one place every weekend to sing and dance, their songs bring life and hope to those who are on the outskirts of despair, Their smiles bring courage and when they dance, people's lives are never the same.

There is more yet to be done

Despite of the fact that we have tried to provide for most of the project's urgent needs at times things get hard, there is a time we call for help from other believers around the world and this is the time that we need your support, The Courageous day care…Read More


He did not know that his dream can come this far, He has always had a problem despite of the long time he has had serving with us, some time he was away but when things got tougher, he decided to come back home, we did not expect much from his return but the…Read More

Courage In The Little Book

I wanna thank the person who sponsored the book, Patric you are good for courageous. You are loved by the Kids and everyone else. They dedicated the smiles for you and every one who believes in the cause that Ddungu is working on
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