iPad Apps & Resources for People With Autism : Reviews, Links, Prices

iPad Apps & Resources for Autism and other special needs Compiled by a parent, an adult with autism, and an SLP (Speed Language…Read More

What A Wonderful World

Cullen has a beautiful voice and an amazing aptitude towards the arts. I would even consider him an artistic savant. This video was taken nearly 5 years ago. I was so excited to get it on video back then, and still am. I hope you enjoy Cullen singing "What A…Read More

iPad Apps for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome from a Mom

I found this video, posted by a mother on youtube, and wanted to share. Below is what she writes and the video. Thank you for watching. "Entire list at this link: http://www.bookroomreviews.com/2010/08/16/best-ipad-apps-for-autism-and-asper... A video…Read More

Help Us Reach Fifty Thousand Members!

A Dream For Cullen wants your help in recruiting fifty thousand members. The more members we can recruit to our cause, the more likely we are to exceed our fundraising goals. We are halfway to our goal in obtaining Cullen an iPad, but I don't want it to stop…Read More

Video: The iPad and autism - one family's story of success

"Meet Shannon DeRoches Rosa and her son Leo. A $5 raffle ticket resulting in an iPad positively changed both their lives. The iPad may have an equally positive effect on you and your loved one with autism. Hear Shannon talk about her experiences with the…Read More

Want to contribute?

The fundraiser for this cause, can be found @ http://gogetfunding.com/project/a-dream-for-cullen

Apps for Autism: Communicating on an iPad

I have included a video from CBS's 60 Minutes broadcast called, "Apps for Autism: Communicating on an iPad." This is a wonderful segment on how iPads have been changing the lives of children with autism. UPDATE #1 Please watch this video and feel free to…Read More
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