Sandra Fluke Fundraising for Obama

The left is on the march, and the "war on women" political pandering is sure to influence women if we're not informed and aware. Be sure to invite your friends to join the cause alert for Colorado Women's Alert so we can keep them informed of issues that…Read More

One man's strange views on rape and pregnancy will be falsely placed on all conservatives

Statement from Colorado Women's Alliance: Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin's remarks regarding "legitimate rape" and the biology regarding pregnancy are not only grossly inaccurate, they are offensive to women. The fall out, however, goes beyond the…Read More

The Lilly Ledbetter Act doesn’t help women, standing up for oneself does.

Please invite Colorado women to join this cause site: Colorado Women's Alert for 3-4 emails a week on the latest news affecting women. Lilly Ledbetter was in town Saturday promoting President Obama. The narrative is women need help for everything, cradle to…Read More

Paul Ryan: Why He's Good for Women

great talking points in light of the attacks escalating against Paul Ryan from Independent Women's Forum...'s-Good-for-Women

The Smear: Feminists Declare Romney/Ryan Ticket "Most Dangerous Men in America"

Thank you for inviting your friends to this cause site. We'll send out daily information on issues related to women. Reasonable, smart women need to be informed of these attacks on Romney/Ryan ticket so that we can add our voice: The National Organization…Read More

Press Release: "War on Women" Rhetoric Not Resonating with Women Voters

"This administration's obsession with birth control is quite frankly offensive to women everywhere. It reinforces the misconception that women's primary purpose is sexual or childrearing," said Debbie Brown, executive director of the Colorado Women's…Read More
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