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AIDS RIDE 2014, Hyderabad to Mumbai, India, 23rd Nov to 1st Dec 2013
… a pathway between AIDS 2012, Washington DC, USA and 20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia,,

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

What is the Route tentatively planned?

Distance and Route AIDS RIDE 2014, Hyderabad to Mumbai, India: Approximately 736 KM in 7 days, from Hyderabad to Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, India covering, Sangareddy, Andhra Pradesh, Humnabad, Karnataka, Tuljapur, Maharashtra, Karnala, Maharashtra, Patas, Maharashtra, Pune, Maharashtra, Lonavala, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Route Map:

Is this a bicycle ride or bike ride?

AIDS RIDE 2014 is a bicycle marathon. Normally, in India we call Bicycle and the westerners call it as bike. In India we call Bike and the westerners call the bike of India version as Motor Bike!

How about the halt points?
From Hyderabad covering, Sangareddy, Andhra Pradesh, Humnabad, Karnataka, Tuljapur, Maharashtra, Karnala, Maharashtra, Patas, Maharashtra, Pune, Maharashtra, Lonavala, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Maharashtra,

AIDS RIDE 2014 event a bike race or a journey for a cause?

AIDS RIDE 2014 is NOT a race but a journey to STOP AIDS! It is a fundraising event that connects biggest World AIDS Conferences like AIDS RIDE 2008, AIDS RIDE 2010 and AIDS RIDE 2012.

Are we looking to arrange night stay for riders on this ride?
NO, we cannot support bicycle rider needs. We only give our company and moral support as we maintain integrity and unity to add braveness to ride all the distance. We help one another basically. BCARE will try to support only People With AIDS (PWA) and affected based up on fund raise amount we collect or get sponsorship. Everyone needs to plan their expenditure for the whole week- MONEY Management is necessary. It doesn’t cost much for 7 days food. Frankly speaking, we need not spend any money on lodging, as we are on a mission to complete the ride- we can use tents/ shelter homes/temples etc. Clothing can be minimal or least in number to carry fewer loads. Together we can make it and support each other on the road based up on our friendship or willingness to support and affordability etc. We are planning to request a support vehicle for resting or any emergency need & one ambulance from sponsors. All arrangement we plan ad hoc and solve simultaneously, so it is quite adventurous! One needs lot of patience, commitment; sustain the joy of pain while pedaling the whole way! Thus, it’s an adventurous ride! We may sleep in a temple or gurudhwar or school or NGO or pitch our tents in the middle of the journey, may be close to forest area, away from city or do night rides on our way to reach that target destination, so it is sometimes wild but nothing to fear as we are in a group! So our immediate needs like sleeping bags, medicines, puncture kits, torch etc., in our side bags are to be planned. If we have supporting vehicle sponsored by someone, we can dump our luggage in the resting vehicle!

Is it, individuals look out on where and how he takes night halt?

No, it is OUR COLLECTIVE PLAN and decision for night halt! It may be an individual look out with respect to buying FOOD or spending money for one’s own needs but individual look out for sleeping is not advisable because we are united and we are together in one group. We make sure we start and reach safe without being lost and facing disasters or mishaps! So we will have Team leaders or the Founders taking care of us and taking responsibility of their respective group. The Leaders may coordinate in turn with BCARE Steering Committee, about the safety and count of all members with in their group as required! We commit together, we ride together and we pedal together and thus, together we can accomplish our goals!!

If their individual lookouts then do we have any plan to ensure safety especially, for female participants?
There is NO such individual outlook for NIGHT stay! Ladies are our prime concern. Although we have no funding for night stays and lodges, we could still try find ways to accommodate them: Resting in the vehicle or at the rest houses or parks or resting in temple or Gurudhwara or individual tents etc. Pitching the tent should be in appropriate place or carry a sleeping bag would help better sleep. Two can be accommodated in one tent if someone sponsors tents. So according to me, Tent is the best option and greatest plan to get rid of night stay threats or problems. This saves lot of money. Bikers are not advised to wear Gold Jewelry. Guys can give security for our friends and lady cyclists and groups as a meager concern or support to our lady riders. Moreover, we need Police security for all the days and round the clock!

Does BCARE take responsibility of a biker safety?
BCARE or BCARE’s Steering Members or AIDS RIDE members or its collaborated Bicycle Clubs take no responsibility for any loss of life or baggage or mishaps if in case. We need to add the Perfect Disclaimer soon.

We are all adults so we know better precautions and safety whilst biking on roads or travelling on bicycle. Do remember that you are NOT ALONE THERE ARE MANY BIKERS WITH YOU, so such mishaps are normally NOT observed. Minors are to be taken cared by their parents, if any biker is a minor.

Are we looking to clock particular number of kms on a given day so that at the end of the day entire groups spends the night together(as I believe this is not a race as to who finished first or last!)? By this approach all of the participants shall be able to make it to end point on same day.

You are correct! AIDS RIDE 2014 is not a race but a mission drive to STOP AIDS in the global community! So all bikers reach at the destination at a time and it can be safe and mandate to bike together in a group to avoid any mishaps. We have plans to take police protection. Hence we need security of Police dept for a week long time. Much of the ride is in Maharastra so need permission from Commissioner of Police, or Inspector General of Maharastra or Home Ministry of Maharastra can help us with a small team of cops like 4 cops 2 in front and 2 in back riding motor bike with us. Or just a police jeep with 2- 4 cops available all the time! This is my idea!

Support Vehicles/Ambulance:

Will there be a support vehicle on the route always from Day 1 to Day 9?

Yes, looking for a sponsor to provide us this vehicle support for those 9 days.

Will there be an Ambulance on the route always from Day 1 to Day 9?

This is a must. Our convoy along with bikers consists of ambulance! We are yet to know who is going to support this Ambulance for all the 9 days. Some prospective sponsor ahead to do this!

On this ride, lodes the entire group has to ride together? If not, then how would we coordinate with all participants, in case someone tends to give up or quit or needs an urgent help from support vehicle?

We must ride “together” at a visible distance and this is one very important policy of AIDS RIDE. This togetherness ensures safety and integrity of the bicyclists! We might have Unique Identification Number assigned. This is for COMPLETE Distance Bikers only. Partial Distance Bikers are those who do for short distances can have another version of counting! And City Bikers: can join any time after reaching the city that also can be numbered different from the other two. We need walkie Talkie to coordinate even after we ride bikes together. Some guys in the complete riders have to be like a shield protecting all the riders. Anyone can be in the shield and shift duties and share among us. Such shield riders will carry the walkie Talkie. If someone could not make or tired or lost energy or giddiness, they can rest in the resting vehicle that will travel along with the rest of the bikers. For emergency Ambulance can take care of the bikers.

How do we do the emergency management?

Although, we ride together, emergency is inevitable and can be taken care by the help of Ambulance if health related emergency, or can be taken care by supporting vehicle or we shall have some volunteers to have couple of motor bikes, carry sufficient number of first aid kit for minor accidents, which may also help us in emergency!

How do carry our luggage? It’s a 9 day ride so, Riders/participants would be carrying clothes etc along with them? How much luggage?

If the bike ride convey has a resting van/ vehicle, we may dump our luggage in to it. Or in its absence we may carry on the side bags of bike. The event organizers will intimate this luggage part during closer date of the event.

We can ask Riders to Tag their baggage with UID’s: (UID: Unique no. can be allocated to individual rider ex: Pankaj Patil from Mumbai UID will be M94- M for Mumbai) Assuming that we are sponsored by a supporting vehicle and that support vehicle holds the baggage and vehicle is on the route all the time, would be a great idea!
Whatsoever, the minimal luggage is advised and is the best option weather the supporting vehicle is present or not. Bike suits or dresses will not occupy much of our space though. My experience with no supporting vehicle, have carried 2 side bags and one middle bag on the carriage, on my mountain bike all the way from Toronto to Mexico City that also contained my laptop for time to time media or press notes and press release. We took bath in YMCAs in Americas and keep using Tshirts and trashed them as we kept moving from one place to the other. Having support vehicle will be definitely an asset or big support!

How do we communicate or coordinate while biking?

Co-Coordinators Contact Details/Walkie Talkie: A list of Ride Co-coordinators needs to be prepared with Coordinator/Organizer/Support vehicle Driver Name/Cell numbers enlisted on that so that at any point of time a rider has the contact details in case if he/she needs any help. In addition walkie talkie always helps in a place or situation where there are no signals for mobiles!

Technical Help?

In case of any technical issue with Bike en-route, we plan to help the rider with it, I mean we will decide the route together all the way. Additional carrying of GPS and Physical maps always help spontaneous changes in our routing!

Are there Registration types? When and how to register?

Registrations are FREE for People Living with HIV and Affected/ Founders of Bicycle Clubs and other key members in the steering of AIDS RIDE 2014. However, registration fee will form a minimal funding for the AIDS RIDE 2014.
Registration types based on distances: COMPLETE Distance bikers, PARTIAL Distance Bikers and CITY bikers.
Registration based on groups: Corporate registration in a city, NGO Registration, Family Registration etc.

Anyone can sponsor a bicycle rider for the distance to be pedaled. Need more input of ideas to drive more registrations.

How do we plan to take forward the registration process, Online, Google Docs, some registration website, or simple template to be uploaded on event page and riders fills it up and FAX to organizes?

Registration should be available in all means: Online, Mobile app, Website, Google Doc (I don’t know how it works), Fax, Telephonic Registration, and Physical Registration at the booth or on the road! Money Gateway is necessary for transactions- Paypal to Banks, Checks to Banks etc

Registration Start/End date. Soon to be kick started. Before making others to register we make sure we are beefed up with all our plans from nook and cornor, A to Z!

End Point

What all activities we are looking to take up at endpoint? What are the Strategies & planning?

No single HIV strategy stands alone! They should all be incorporated in order to reach the goal of ZERO NEW HIV infections and deaths. Bike Ride to Retro Ride kick out strategy include educating and promoting IEC materials related to HIV/AIDS, Condoms, Serostatus Approach to Fighting the Epidemic (SAFE)., Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PoEP), Pre-marital and Pre-natal HIV testing, No shame being HIV Positive, Stay Negative and Stop Discrimination, Preventing HIV/AIDS in young people, Preventing Mother to Child Transmission, etc

Operational Plan?

Bicycle Marathon includes the following: Lessons from Positive speakers, Street Puppet Show, Distribution of IEC and Condoms, Movie, HIV Testing, Targeted Information- High Risk Groups, Fashion Show, Mural Paintings on HIV/AIDS, Free Hugs, Bang Drums, Hot Air Balloon etc.

Logo: Use of BCARE Logo is permitted in case of collaboration or association or support.

Any Media Collaborations or Promotions?

Need to partner with media from Print/ Cable TV/ Radio/ DD etc from both the local news! Press release needed to be done soon. We need a push from a corporate sponsor or any funding source to carry forward in a big way. Just waiting to hear from the few sponsors we submitted our proposals.

Any Sponsors?

We are still looking to get some sponsors. Some of the sponsors need to be answered to whom we submitted the proposals. Anyone can give leads to connect with and then we can submit the proposals for sponsors. We have popular bikers who are already in can guide us to their leads.

Who can Fund raise? How the funds are utilized?

We request every participant’s effort to raise money for BCARE and AIDS RIDE 2014 event. The money raised will be used judiciously for the bike ride event, HIV Infected and affected bikers and BCARE Care and Support Center, Kuppam, A.P., India. We maintain 100% transparency about accounts, how we spend to the sponsors and co working groups etc. Meager donations will help support this event. Corporate donations from their firm employees with a meager amount will also help, friends and family members can also support a meager amount.

Guests and Celebrities whom we are intended to invite: CM or State Minister- Pawan Kalyan, Akkineni Nagarjuna and Amala from Hyderabad planned, Salman Khan from Mumbai planned etc


Filming AIDS RIDE 2014, Hyderabad to Mumbai would be a great idea we can incorporate in the press release of video at the 20th International AIDS Conference. The film can also include the lives of PLWHAs and affected, how the bikers life is committed to ZERO NEW HIV Infections etc!


Need bicycles for HIV infected and affected who don’t have bicycles. Bicycles can be donated or lend for the event and can be returned.
We need Tandems at least 10 in number to attract the local campaigns. We can also make sit HIV bikers sit on the back and enjoy pedal with front pedal runner! This will also give a relief to the biker who are very eager but get tired soon.

How is the organizational Structured?

Includes, Founders, Steering Members- Planning and Implementation, Advisory Board Members, Hard Core Bikers and Founders of the Clubs, HIV/AIDS Activists, PLWHAs.

Decision Making- Collective decision by voting

How is the treatment with bikers, clubs, VIPs etc?

All are treated equal, all clubs or NGOs or CBOs, Volunteers, Coworkers are treated in a non discriminated manner. We request for good unity and integrity in our final group or rider's coalition in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

All groups associated with AIDS RIDE 2014 are requested to coordinate to their prospective group leaders and with Jyothi Mumbaiyya Gal , Steering Member of AIDS RIDE 2014 and coordinate with Surya Prakash Makarla may coordinate with the southern region and for any organizational related issues like Collaborations, Project related alterations and implementations, Proposals, Sponsors etc. Hari Singh may coordinate with Northern part of India and Positive networks
Sachin Gawali takes care of the Fashion Shows as affiliated events of AIDS RIDE 2014
Vishal Sharma, Pankaj Patil, Cyc Firoza, Divya Tate, Mahesh Ajinkya, Dhaval Shah, Sridevi Gogisetty can coordinate with bikers in their respective clubs, city etc
Hari Singh and Abhraham Kurian, Sri Nagaraju can help coordinate with Indian Network of Positive biking members.


BCARE reserves the right to suspend or remove any individual biker from the AIDS RIDE 2014 bikers group at any point of time, in case of misconduct or violence, act of felony on biker etc.

Any suggestions or unsolved FAQ can be shared in the comments, Thank you

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